How to Set Up Backups on Cloud Server Hosting

Creating Automatic Backups in Cloud Server Hosting can easily be done through a few different methods: Snapshots, Scheduled Backups, and Version-control software/services. Automatic backups are important for providing peace of mind for you or your clients when managing web sites or web-based applications. Why make a backup? The answer to this question should really be Read More >

CentOS: A General Overview

Linux CentOS is popular for those needing a professional server operating system (OS) like well-respected Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) but without commercial support. Though both are built upon the Linux Fedora OS, CentOS is a free community-driven rebuild of Red Hat started in March 2004. There isn’t a set duration between new version releases Read More >

How to Re-OS Your Cloud VPS in AMP

InMotion Hosting’s Cloud VPS Hosting expands your capabilities and options when it comes to Operating Systems (OS). Currently, Ubuntu and CentOS are available options to choose for your OS. With the tools available in your Account Management Panel (AMP), you can choose (from the available options) an alternative OS to replace your original selection. In Read More >