Publishing Your Frontpage Website with FTP

In this tutorial we will show you how to publish a Frontpage website using FTP. This will allow you to continue publishing your website after Frontpage Extensions have been disabled on the server. Microsoft stopped supporting Frontpage in 2006, and we have done our best to allow it to still be used with our servers. Read More >

The death of FrontPage Extensions

In this tutorial: FrontPage History Death of FrontPage Server Extensions FrontPage alternatives The Microsoft FrontPage web publishing software has existed for over 18 years, with official mainstream support dropped for the product by Microsoft on 4/14/2009, and with extended support ending on 4/8/2014. With the official extended support ending just a month away, it’s important Read More >

How to Remove FrontPage Extensions in Cpanel

One of the venerable programs for working with webpages using Microsoft software is the program named FrontPage. The program lets you publish using HTTP or FTP, but in order to publish with HTTP, it required that extensions be installed on the server account. cPanel accounts can be set to have the extension loaded or removed Read More >

Publishing your FrontPage website via HTTP

FrontPage is a Microsoft product that is used to build websites. After you have built your website with FrontPage, you will need to publish your site to your account with InMotion Hosting. If you already have installed FrontPage extensions via cPanel, you’ll need to publish your website via HTTP. Do not attmept to upload your Read More >