Best practice for naming files in Linux

If you are developing your website and you cannot find out why your pages, images, JavaScripts, and other web data is causing a 404 error not found, you may have a problem with case sensitivity. Linux servers are case sensitive. Windows servers are not case sensitive, so if you are moving your files from a Read More >

Changing the Document Root for Your Domain

InMotion Hosting is able to change the Document Root location where your Primary Domain points to. This allows the file structure to be maintained as the developer has referenced the files in the website’s code. This article will explain how to get the document root changed for your primary domain. VERY IMPORTANT: Changing a primary Read More >

Use rsync to transfer files

In this article I’m going to teach you how you can utilize the Linux rsync command on either your VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated server to transfer files remotely from another server that you have SSH access to. It’s very common that you might need to transfer a large volume of files from a remote Read More >

Upload files to server without domain name pointing there

In this article I’m going to briefly review a few options you have for getting your website’s files uploaded to our server prior to your domain name being pointed at our name servers and using our service. All requests over the Internet including a domain name use the DNS (Domain Name System) in order to establish Read More >

Resolve FTP EAI_NODATA error

In this article I’m going to review why you might be encountering an EAI_NODATA – No address associated with nodename error in your FTP client. Sometimes an EAI_NODATA error is also related to either a EHOSTUNREACH error, or an ECONNABORTED error as well. These are common FTP errors that occur when your domain name is not Read More >