Reduce database calls to improve website performance

If you use a database for your website, reducing the database calls your site makes can help speed things up. Storing data inside a database makes it easier to retrieve, and makes your website more flexible. This convenience can also sometimes cause your website to take up more server resources and cause your site to Read More >

MySQL Error 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax

In this tutorial: Reserved Words Missing Data Mistyped Commands Obsolete Commands In this MySQL tutorial, let’s assume that you are creating a custom SQL query to perform a task in the database. After putting the code together and running it in PHPmyAdmin, it responds with a 1064 error. It may look similar to this: The Read More >

Error 1052 Column in where clause is ambiguous

When working with programs that pull data from databases, you may occasionally run across different types of errors. Many of them are fixable, specifically if you are coding your own SQL queries. This article describes the ‘1052 Column in where clause is ambiguous‘ error and how to correct it. Correcting the ‘1052 Column in where Read More >

Explaining the Max_User_Connections Error

On our servers the default max simultaneaous connections for MySQL is set to 30. This typically, is not an issue since most MYSQL connections only last a fraction of a second and having 30 in the same fraction of a second is rare. However, there are other situations that may cause this: Your programming code Read More >

Why do I get a max_user_connections error?

The max number of simultaneous connections to your MySQL database is 20. This normally is not a problem because MySQL connections are made and destroyed within a fraction of a second. If you are getting a max_user_connections error: Your code is opening the connection to the database, but not closing it. Please see the following Read More >

MySQL – 1044 Access Denied Error Message

This page will assist you with troubleshooting a MySQL – 1044 “Access Denied” Error Message. Troubleshooting the MySQL 1044 “Access Denied” Error When you import a database using phpMyAdmin, generally you are importing a text file with a .sql extension. Here is a section of code that may be in a .sql database backup. In Read More >