Connect to Mysql with Heidi SQL

Your databases can be accessed not only with PhpMyAdmin in your cPanel; but, you can connect from your local computer with Heidi SQL. You can Download Heidi MySQL here for free. Download Heidi SQL. After you download the HeidiSQL_7.0_Setup.exe file, install the program. Once you have Heidi SQL installed, follow the steps below to set Read More >

How to Connect to a Database with MySQL Workbench

One tool you can use to connect to remotely connect to databases on your shared, VPS, or Dedicated hosting account is MySQL Workbench. MySQL Workbench is a free tool you can use to connect to your server databases from your personal computer. MySQL Workbench can be Downloaded for free at the following link: You Read More >

How to connect to MySQL with Navicat

You can connect to your server MySQL databases using Navicat. Navicat is a “Remote MySQL database tool” that allows you access to your database from your local home computer. To connect with navicat you will need to download the software. We will download the following version: Navicat for MySQL 10.1.8 Download and Install Navicat You Read More >

Troubleshooting a Database connection error

Getting a database connection error, such as this one in Joomla, can be a scary thing to see on your website. It means that a program running on your site is not able to communicate with the MySQL database service to retrieve data. There are two main reasons for getting this error, either the program Read More >

Connecting to a Database using PHP

Selecting a reputable web hosting company is only the first step towards building and maintaining a successful website. Sometimes you may need to connect your PHP driven website to a database. In most instances content management systems this is done through the config.php file. Below is a sample PHP script that connects to a database Read More >