How to Remove an Email Forwarder Using cPanel

Email forwarders are a convenient way to receive emails from multiple email accounts, by forwarding them to one email account. There may be times, however, that you need to remove an email forwarder. In this guide, we will explain the steps for how to remove an email forwarder through cPanel. Delete Email Forwarder Log into Read More >

cPanel App for iOS

In This Tutorial: Install cPanel App Configure cPanel Connection Configure Webmail Connection Configure WHM Connection Recently, cPanel released the cPanel App for iOS which allows you to maintain your server from anywhere you take your iOS device! This means that you can connect your iPhone/iPad directly to your server for cPanel, Webmail, and WHM access. Read More >

PHP-FPM for WordPress

Your WordPress hosting package has been optimized with every consideration toward speed and security. To that effect, we have adopted the use of the PHP-FPM (PHP-FastCGI Process Manager) to manage PHP requests. PHP-FPM offers a variety of features and operation parameters. These parameters allow our systems team to manage PHP processes more efficiently. This translates Read More >