How to Update Your Web Browser

A Web Browser is the application that is used to display websites on the Internet. The most common web browsers are Chrome (Google), Safari (Apple), Firefox (Mozilla), and Internet Explorer/Edge (Windows). If you are using an older version of any of these applications, it is strongly recommended that you update it, to ensure that security Read More >

How to fix the Connection not Private error in Chrome browsers

Google recently made it a policy for their Chrome browser to provide a warning before opening insecure websites that request a user name and password. This issue typically happens on websites without an SSL certificate. This tutorial will discuss how to fix the issue from the website administrator’s or owner’s viewpoint using SSL certificates. InMotion Read More >

Cross Browser Compatibility problems

A common website troubleshooting step is to check your website cross browser compatability. Each browser parses the website code differently from each other. In other words, Internet Explorer will render a website Differently than FireFox or Safari. This leads to the common question “Why does my website not look good in Internet Explorer but fine Read More >

Which Browser runs JavaScript the Fastest?

We recently introduced a new feature in our Support Center, Autosuggested Articles. While you’re typing in a question you’d like our Community Support to answer, we suggest a list of articles below your question that may help with getting you support. Technically, every time a character is pressed, a JavaScript function is ran and attempts Read More >