How to Create Backups in cPanel with the Backup Wizard

When you’re creating backups in cPanel, you have two options to help you complete the task: Backup or Backup Wizard. This tutorial walks you through how to do it with the Backup Wizard which provides the same functionality as the Backup method, except that the options are separated out by section. Business owners often seek Read More >

Automatic remote backup service

We offer an automatic remote backup service on all servers for disaster recovery. These backups run every 24-36 hours for emergency purposes, and a data restoration can be requested in AMP. Backups overwrite previous backup data, so we strongly recommend maintaining backups of your own as well. Remote backup levels and cost Shared, VPS, and Read More >

Send email alert when backup limit exceeded

If you’re on a VPS or dedicated server and paying for our automatic backup service, you might like to know when you’ve gone over the current backup disk-space limit you’re paying for. Email alert script Below we’ll create a disk-space monitoring script that can email us when our backup limit is exceeded. This requires having Read More >