How to Transfer a Website from Squarespace to WordPress

Squarespace has risen in popularity within recent years. But many users reach a point where they want more customization capabilities for their website(s). Many decide to migrate to the WordPress CMS (, not for many reasons such as how easy it is to learn and its capabilities for novice and experienced users alike. Squarespace Read More >

What you need to know about your email when transferring your website

When you transfer your website to InMotion Hosting, you will need to make sure that any email clients you may use such as MS Office Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Mac Mail are configured correctly. Also, you’ll need to understand the basics of propagation so you know where your email will be going. Making Sure You Read More >

Email Tech Support to restore a full cPanel Backup

At this point, you should have already uploaded a backup file to your InMotion Hosting account. Customers cannot restore a full cPanel backup on their own. However, by simply sending a verified email to our support department, we’d be happy to restore the backup for you. In the email to support ( you’ll want to Read More >