How to Disable a CMS Page in Magento 1.6

Magento 1.6 has a powerful content management system built into the backend. You can disable any of the static CMS pages without deleting it. this can be handy if you need to “turn off” a page for a specific time. This saves the administrator time since the static page does not need to be re-created Read More >

How to Delete a CMS Page in Magento 1.6

Magento 1.6 comes pre-configured with some static pages in the CMS section. Depending on your site, you may need to delete them. Deleting pages in the CMS section of Magento 1.6 is easily accomplished through the Magento Admin Panel. Log into your Magento Admin Backend Go to CMS ->> Pages Click on the page you Read More >

How to preview a CMS Page in Magento 1.6

You can preview any of the pages in the content management system (CMS) built into Magento. Having the ability to preview the page allows you to quickly edit the pages without leaving the Magento 1.6 Backend. Previewing the CMS pages is easily done in the Magento 1.6 Backend. Log into your Magento Admin Backend Go Read More >

Editing the “404 Page Not Found” Page in Magento 1.6

You can customize the 404 page in Magento 1.6. If your site visitors try to go to a page that does not exist, you can diplay a personalized message to them, or maybe provide a link to another page. Editing the 404 page is accomplished in the Magento 1.6 Admin Backend. Log into your Magento Read More >

How to ReIndex your Magento 1.6 Website

Magento 1.6 indexes all of your content in order to speed up how fast it accesses it. If you make changes to your store such as editing products, you’ll want to re-index the content so the changes will display on your front end. By default, if you have never indexed your data you’ll need to Read More >

Changing the logo in Magento 1.6

As you start to customize your newly installed Magento 1.6 webstore, you’ll probably want to change the logo that displays in the top right section of the header on each page. This can be easily accomplished in the Magento 1.6 Admin Panel at any time. Uploading your logo to Magento In Magento 1.6, to change Read More >

Setting the Countries Options in Magento 1.6

Now, that you have installed your Magento 1.6 store, and you’re selling products on the Internet, you’ve become a global business. Anyone with an Internet connection could access your website. Magento 1.6 gives the admin the ability to block access to specific countries. Also, “Postal Code is Optional” gives you the ability to select the Read More >

Updating Locale Settings in Magento 1.6

Locale options in Magento 1.6 define the local time and date settings as well as the weekend days of your Magento shopping cart. Weekend days are defined as the non-working days of the week in your area. Defining these days can help customers determine shipping methods and other aspects of shopping on your website. Setting Read More >

How to Add the Store Information to Magento 1.6

Magento 1.6 allows you to enter contact information so your website visitors can contact you. This information will be displayed on the website for your webstore’s visitors to see. You can add the “Store Name”, “Store Contact Telephone”, and “Store Contact Address” in the Magento 1.6 Admin Panel. Please feel free to visit our other Read More >