Using the Secure Blocks Plugin for WordPress

Date: 10/4/19         Time to read: 3 minutesIn this article: Installing and Activating the Plugin Using the Secure Blocks Plugin There may be an occasion where you will want to keep content on your WordPress site hidden from unregistered users. To do this, you can create secured posts (accessible by password), or you may want to try Read More >

Improvements to Site Health in upcoming WordPress 5.3

Date: 10/4/19           Time to read: 1:10 Change to Site Health Grading Recovery Email Site Health Status Filters It’s barely been a month since WordPress 5.2.3 was released and another version is already brewing – version 5.3.  Detractors will say, this makes the platform a little too volatile, while supporters will say that it proves that Read More >

Broken Link Checker Plugin for WordPress

Date: 09/27/19           Time to read: 3:20 In this article: Installing the Plugin Using Broken Link Checker A common problem with website content is the validity of the links that are provided to its viewers. To help prevent this, you can use a plugin like the Broken Link Checker. This application will go through all of Read More >

Using the Better Notifications Plugin for WordPress

Date: August 26, 2019            Read time: 3:37 In this article: Setting up the Better Notifications Plugin Creating Notifications Better Notifications plugin settings There are a number of email notifications that you often receive from WordPress after an action has been completed.  For example, it’s common to get a new user notification when you get a new Read More >

Offline Editor for WordPress – MarsEdit

Date: August 20, 2019          Read time: 4:37 In this article: Introduction to MarsEdit Advanced Features Pros and Cons If you’re a blogger, you use WordPress, and your computer of choice is from Apple, then your offline editor of choice for your posts should be MarsEdit. This editor lets you create posts or pages complete with all Read More >

Using the Jetpack Simple Payments Block with Paypal

Date: 09/20/2019         Time to read: 3:15In this article: Configuring the Simple Payments Block Example of the Simple Payments Block If you’re considering setting up a payment on option on WordPress site, you may want to consider using the Jetpack Simple Payments block. You can use this block along with a Paypal account to allow customers to Read More >

Choosing the Right CMS

Date: 09/18/2019       3 Minutes to Read In this article:  What is a CMS? Things to Consider Which CMS is Recommended? This article explains what a CMS is and outlines important things to consider when choosing the right CMS to build your website with. You can also learn which CMS we recommend starting Read More >

Using Copy Post from Jetpack

Date: 09/13/2019         Time to read: 2:10In this article: Enabling Copy Post Using Copy Post A common practice for WordPress blog writers is to create templates that are used to format posts. These templates can also exist in pages, Jetpack portfolios, and Jetpack testimonials. Jetpack places a link to copy a post when viewing the lists for Read More >