What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The king of the web hosting space is without a doubt the Dedicated Hosting server. Unlike a shared hosting server, which provides a server divided among many different accounts, a dedicated hosting server gives you complete control over an entire web hosting server. You Own All of The Resources With dedicated hosting, you have complete Read More >

How to View cPHulk History Reports in WHM

In this tutorial, we will show you how to view cPHulk history reports in WHM. When you blacklist/whitelist a Country or IP address in cPHulk it will beginning logging history reports. You can review these history reports to determine if a change has to be made to your settings. For example, you may be blocking Read More >

How to Blacklist/Whitelist a Country in WHM

One of the benefits of cPHulk is the ability to blacklist or whitelist a country in WHM. This is helpful if you want to allow a country to access your server, are limiting your customer base by country, or trying to block a specific location from attacking your site. Note: You should enable cPHulk first Read More >

How to Blacklist/Whitelist IP Address via SSH

As we continue our series on the cPHulk security features, we will show you the steps to blacklist and whitelist IP addresses via SSH. In the last guide we showed you how to blacklist and whitelist IP addresses in the Web Host Manager or WHM. But doing this with command line using SSH can save Read More >