The RBL Checker for DNS Blacklisting

When you receive an email from another email address, InMotion Hosting email servers run a RBL checker on the receiving email against any known DNS Blacklisting companies. The RBL checker is different than Spam Assassin or Box Trapper which is only for filtering and removing emails that go through to your server. What is an Read More >

Common words that trigger spam filters

Below is a current list of the most popular words used in spam emails. As such, these words get higher spam points by evaluators. Once an email has too many spam points, it will get flagged as spam, either by outgoing filters or filters on the incoming mail servers. Using one of these phrases once Read More >

550 This Message Was Classified as SPAM and May Not Be Delivered

Updated: 11/20/2019          3 Minutes to Read Did you send an email and have it returned with a 550 error? This means that something in the email contents or the way the email is being sent triggered our spam filter. The returned or bounced message will look similar to this: As frustrating as this can be, Read More >

SPF Records and Domain Keys (DKIM): Combating Spam

cPanel allows users to create their own SPF and Domain Keys (DKIM) records. SPF and DKIM are tools used by many mail servers in an effort to combat spam, so if you’re having an issue with your email being bounced back or arriving in the junk/spam folders of your recipients, it is suggested to enable Read More >

Combating Spam: Using SpamAssassin

SpamAssassin is a great resource for fighting and blocking spam to any email account that you have set up with InMotion Hosting. SpamAssassin is an open source email filtering system designed to identify Spam using many different ways.   To learn how to fight spam with SpamAssassin please read on article on: SpamAssassin Please check Read More >