Modify the copyright footer in PHP-Fusion

As PHP-Fusion is free open-source software release under the AGPL (Affero General Public License), it displays a copyright notice in the footer of every page by default. This can be modified to a certain extent, and in this article I’ll explain the process. Footers in PHP-Fusion Below you can see the 3 different type of Read More >

Modify the sub-footer in PHP-Fusion

By default PHP-Fusion will let you modify the footer from the admin panel. This however displays at the very bottom of your PHP-Fusion site, and if you’d like to instead place a footer in-between your front page content and the bottom of the page, this article will explain that in detail. Modify the sub-footer include Read More >

Changing the banner/logo in PHP-Fusion

By default PHP-Fusion has their logo at the top of the site. This logo can be customized to your liking. In order to change the logo, you will need to be able to access the server files to upload your own image. The Default image can be seen in the snapshot to the right. The Read More >

Editing the site introduction in PHP-Fusion

New Installations of PHP-Fusion will have a brief introduction on the home page of the site. This is called the Site Introduction. By default the site will say “Welcome to your site“. This section can be left blank if you want no site introduction or you can add whatever text you want. The following article Read More >

PHP-Fusion Main Site Settings Overview

You can change the appearance of different areas of your PHP-Fusion website through the Main Settings in your Administrator Panel. Areas like the Site name, Site Banner, Footer text, Themes and more can be updated through the Settings section of your PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. This article will briefly explain the Main Settings section in your Read More >

How to install a free theme to your PHP-Fusion site

Like most free open source software, PHP-Fusion has the ability to install themes to your site. There are many free themes online you can use for your PHP-Fusion site. In this article we will teach you how to upload your own theme to your server. For teaching purposes, we will install the “Birds Fusion” theme. Read More >

Switching your PHP-Fusion theme

PHP-Fusion has the option to change themes within the Admin panel. There are several theme pre-installed with your PHP-Fusion program by default. In this tutorial, we will change the theme to the “Atlantis” theme that comes with PHP-Fusion. Steps to change your theme How to login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. Click the Admin panel Read More >

Modifying the Footer in PHP-Fusion

The PHP-Fusion interface allows you to modify its appearance include the graphics and text that appear in the footer of each page. The following article reviews how to find and add/alter the footer for your PHP-Fusion website. Changing the Footer in PHP-Fusion Login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. Click on the Admin Panel Link. Click Read More >