How to insert JavaScript into a PHP-Fusion article

In this article I’m going to discuss the process of adding a bit of JavaScript code into a PHP-Fusion article. This process is going to take advantage of the built-in add_to_head output handling function that is available in PHP-Fusion. There are also other output handling functions like add_to_footer and add_to_meta that allow you to perform Read More >

How to insert an iFrame / YouTube video in PHP-Fusion

You can insert iframes and YouTube videos in your PHP-Fusion pages through the editor in the Admin panel. Below are the steps on how to insert an iframe / YouTube video in PHP-Fusion page or article. Steps to insert an iFrame or YouTube video Log into your PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. Find the article you want Read More >

How to Set the Home Page in PHP-Fusion

Setting the Home page in PHP-Fusion is a matter of knowing the Site Links, and Panels that are set within the layout of the theme that is used with your PHP-Fusion installation. The theme settings also let you designate an opening page, but it will be affected by the panel settings. The following article is Read More >

Using the Contact Form in PHP-Fusion

The contact form used in PHP-Fusion is a default form that appears as a link within the website viewable in the front-end. This form is non-editable through the Admin Panel interface, though it can be removed or re-positioned through the site links. The following article will discuss how to find the form in front-end interface, Read More >

How to add a new download in Php-Fusion

After creating one or more categories in PHP-Fustion, you are free to add content for downloads to your Php-Fusion site. Follow the instructions below to learn how. Adding a new Download in Php-Fusion How to login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. From the main admin area, click on the Downloads button found on the Content Read More >

How to edit an article in Php-Fusion

After learning how to create an article, you may need to know how to go back and make changes. Editing an article is very easy within php-fusion. Our instructions below will explain how to do just that. Editing an article in Php-Fusion How to login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. Look to the top menu Read More >

Creating a new download category in Php-Fusion

In PHP-Fusion, you have the ability to upload items for your site visitors to download. Before you can create or add a new download, you must have at least one or more download categories. This short article explains how to create a new download category in your Php-Fusion admin panel. How to create a download Read More >

Adding a Link to an Article Using PHP-Fusion

In the previous guide in our PHP-Fusion Education Channel we showed you how to create an article. In this tutorial we will show you how to add a link to an article using PHP-Fusion. Add a Link: How to login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. Click the Articles button. Under Current Articles, click the article Read More >

Creating a new article in Php-Fusion

After you have created at least one category in Php-Fusion, you will be ready to create your first article. An article is a component of data, usually much like a web page. Below are the instructions on how to create an article in your Php-Fusion website. How to create a new article in Php-Fusion Log Read More >

Creating Article Categories in PHP-Fusion

Articles are one of the content areas in PHP Fusion, but they will require that Article Categories be created before you can actually compose any article content. The following article shows how to quickly and easily add an article category using the PHP-Fusion back end interface. Adding Article Categories in PHP-Fusioni Login to the PHP-Fusion Read More >