How to Suspend/Unsuspend Email Accounts in cPanel

Have you noticed problems with an email account? Maybe it was sending out spam and you suspect it’s been hacked. A good solution is to suspend the email account or put outgoing email on hold. This will stop the email transmissions immediately, which can protect your mail server from being blacklisted or flagged for spamming. Read More >

Viewing your Email Settings in cPanel and Webmail

In order to set up email clients like Outlook, Mac mail, or Thunderbird you need your email settings from cPanel. This article guides you through how to locate them. Steps to find your email settings Login into cPanel. Click Email Accounts in the Email section. Navigate to your email and click Set Up Mail Client Read More >

How to Change an Email Password in cPanel and Webmail

In this tutorial: Change Email Password in cPanel Change Email Password in Webmail When you manage email accounts on your server, you may need to reset or change a password for one of your email accounts. You can reset or change your email passwords through your cPanel. The steps below will walk you through the Read More >

Writing and Sending Email

Sending emails is one of the most important features of your email client. Whether you use a desktop client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, or Outlook or Webmail knowing the bascis behind sending emails will be important. Composing and Sending Emails Keep in mind every email client is different. We have created Knowledge Base Read More >

How Email Works in General

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how email works and you have set up an email account, you need to learn how to check your email. Before you can check your email you need to make a few important decisions such as choosing which email client to use and deciding which protocol to choose Read More >

Email: a Basic Introduction

Email is a very efficient means to contact visitors or your website or stay in contact with your customers. Your InMotion Hosting account includes an unlimited number of email accounts you can set up.  What is Email? Email in the very basic terms is electronic mail. You simply type a message on your computer and Read More >