Understanding Markdown

Many applications use the Markdown markup language – Grav, Github, MatterMost, and Slack – in lieu of HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Below we cover commonly used Markdown tags. Markdown Basics Attribute Code Result Blockquote > Blockquote Text Blockquote Blockquote with Multiple Paragraphs > Blockquote 1 > > Blockquote 2 Text Blockquote 1 Blockquote 2 Bold Read More >

Can the Builder meet my website building needs?

If you have no experience with programming a website and you need a quick solution without much need for control, then the Plesk Premium Web Builder (or Builder for short) may be the solution for you. The Builder is a capable solution that can let you put together a quick website using preformatted solutions for Read More >

How do I comment my HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code?

When you are designing your website, there are many instances that require you to comment out code in your website. Commenting code is good for diagnosing website problems, hiding code instead of deleting the code, placing notes in a file to explain what was done, and many more reasons. This article will explain the basics Read More >

Bullet Points and Numbered Lists Explained

HTML has code you can use that allows you to make a “bulleted” or “numbered” list. There are two different types of list tags. The <ol> (ordered list) and <ul> (unordered list). Ordered lists are lists that order items by numbers or roman numerals. Unordered lists are bulleted points that can have circles or squares Read More >

HTML Attributes: Using attributes in HTML tags

In HTML, each tag can have different attributes applied. Attributes allow the HTML tags to have specific properties added to them. You can assign a “class” to either reuse styles throughout your website or style your elements with the “style” attribute. Don’t worry about how the style and class attributes work at this moment, this Read More >

Introduction to Web Design Basics

HTML can be a little intimidating for those not accustomed to looking at code. That’s why we wrote this article as an introduction to web design basics. Once you familiarize your self with the basics, it becomes easier to write your website using HTML code. This article will break down the basics of how to Read More >