Hotlink or Direct link to files on the server

When creating a website, occasionally there will be a need to hotlink to a file on the server. Hotlinking (or direct linking) is when a link uses the url to link, as apposed to linking to the directory relative to the file. An example of this is show in the following: Link relative to the Read More >

Opening a new window with a link

Now that we have gone over how to create a basic hyperlink in HTML and covered how to create mailto tags to send email. Sometimes you may want to create an external link to websites. To do this, you may not want your visitors to leave your website but just open a new web browser Read More >

Using the anchor tag to create links

There are two types of links to pages you can create. There is the “Internal Link” and the “External Link“. An “Internal Link” is a link in your site that navigates the visitor to another page in your website. The “External Link” navigates the visitor away from your site to another website in the internet Read More >