How to rate limit emails sent in phpList

In our previous article, we installed phpList. Before we continue with creating a mailing list that users can subscribe to, there are some default settings that we must change within the phpList configuration. By default, phpList will attempt to send out as many emails as fast as possible. To prevent possible issues with spam, accounts Read More >

How to import a CSV file of email addresses into phpList

During our testing of phpList and the rate limiting feature it has available, we had the need to import a large number of email addresses into a mailing list. Just like us, if you already have a list of email addresses and you need to import them into phpList, you’ll need to also know how Read More >

How to create a Mailing list within phpList

Welcome to our multi article on installing and using phpList to manage newsletters. If you have not already, please review our How to install phpList article first. After you have installed phpList, your next step is to create a mailing list that your users can subscribe to. For example, you may have a mailing list Read More >

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing is a general term used for promoting your website by emailing customers and potential customers who visit your site. What are the different types of Email Marketing? Newsletters: are a great regularly timed way to keep your site visitors informed. You can choose to do publish weekly, monthly or whatever schedule works best Read More >

Sending an Email Limit Exception Request in AMP

All accounts are able to send out mailing lists. However, for us to whitelist domains and help prevent spam, we recommend shared customers sending more than 250 emails per hour submit an email limit exception via Account Management Panel (AMP). How to send an Email Limit Exception Request Log into your Account Management Panel (AMP Read More >