How to Change Your Email Account Password in cPanel

Date: 08/16/2019   |   2 Minutes to Read In this article: Change your password in cPanel Change your password in Webmail For security reasons, we recommend you use a password manager to enable yourself to create long, complex passwords and secure them safely. Regardless, passwords can be forgotten, saved wrong (ever copied a password that added Read More >

My IP address has changed, what do I do?

There are situations when the IP address of a server must be changed. This may happen due to a security issue (e.g. Distributed Denial of Service attack) or other network requirement. When this change occurs it will affect your website if you specify the IP address in your web server settings or in email client Read More >

Using the Under Construction Page provided by InMotion Hosting

The following article provides information on how to use the optional Under Construction Page provided with your hosting account. Additionally, to prevent any confusion we briefly discuss the first page that you see called the default.htm page. This page appears when you first open your site before you load any of your website files. This Read More >

Copy all mail to a email address in Exim

In this article we’ll discuss how you can copy all incoming and outgoing mail that your VPS or dedicated server handles to a designated email address for review. This can come in handy if you need to keep email data archived for a set period of time in accordance to certain regulations your industry might Read More >

Changing MX records to point to InMotion servers from third party DNS

MX records help move email to the right place by specifying which server handles the email. If you have an account with us here, but have a domain hosted somewhere else that does not offer email services, you may want to host your email with us here on your InMotion account. This is most certainly Read More >

Microsoft Exchange Servers and your cPanel Hosting Account

Many users are familiar with Microsoft Exchange Servers and are very comfortable with using all the features they provide. Exchange servers have many features, but the primary ones include email and calendar tools. I’m looking for my Exchange Server Details Our hosting servers are Linux based, which means they do not run any Microsoft products, Read More >

Updating your MX records if you use a Third Party Filtering Service

Some businesses may find the need to use a third party filtering service such as Postini, to filter their emails. If you are using such a service, you’ll need to make sure to set up the MX records to deliver the emails to their servers first. Once the emails are filtered through their servers the Read More >

Can I use archivemail to archive my old emails?

I was recently asked in our forums about archivemail, a python script that helps archive old email. After further research, I found that it is supported, and in this article I’ll give you some details on how to setup and use it if it sounds like something you may find useful. For official documentation for Read More >