SpamAssassin enabled and still getting spam

SpamAssassin is a great tool that runs on the server-side for filtering out spam or junk email from your Inbox. However in certain cases, you might still continue to receive spam even with SpamAssasin turned on for your account. In this article, I’ll cover some of the reasons why SpamAssassin might be letting through what Read More >

Blacklist/Whitelist an Email Address in Spam Filters

Using Blacklist/Whitelist in Spam Filters Whitelist an Email address Blacklist an Email addresss You have the ability to Blacklist(block) and Whitelist (allow) email addresses in Spam Filters. The application that provides this functionality is still Spam Assassin, but it is no longer labeled as such in the cPanel. This guide we will show you how Read More >

Why does SpamAssassin Label my Email as Spam?

SpamAssassin is an application that tests email messages in order to see if they are defined as spam or not. It performs hundreds of tests on the messages and will assign a score to the message. This score can then be used by applications in order to filter emails so that only the relevant messages Read More >