How to Create a Shortcut to the Spam Experts Login

Date: 10/25/19          Time to read:2:48 In this article: Login to Spam Experts through cPanel Setting the Password Login to Spam Experts Using a Web Browser The Spam Experts application has been updated to be accessed from the cPanel. However, as the dashboard is web-based it is possible to use a general URL with a user name Read More >

How to Whitelist, Blacklist, and Ignore Addresses in BoxTrapper

As we continue our series on the BoxTrapper tool, we will now show you how to use the Whitelist, Blacklist, and Ignore list in BoxTrapper. This allows you to control who is and is not allowed to email you. This can increase the chance of valid emails being delivered successfully and help reduce the amount Read More >

How to Edit BoxTrapper Confirmation Messages

As we continue our series on BoxTrapper, we will now show you how to edit your BoxTrapper Confirmation Messages in cPanel. This allows you to customize the blacklist, verify, verifyreleased, and returnverify messages. Below is a description of how these messages are utilized in BoxTrapper. Message Description Blacklist This message is sent when a sender Read More >