WooCommerce Product Options

After you install WooCommerce, you’ll need to know the features available to make the most of your first products. Below we cover some important capabilities regarding how to setup WooCommerce products. Note: Log into WordPress to follow the steps below. Create Products Import Products Export Products Product Variations Linked Products Product Handling Create Products Create Read More >

WooCommerce General Settings and Status Options

After you set up WooCommerce products, you’ll want to ensure your e-commerce store settings are configured before it can affect customers. Below cover some general WooCommerce Settings and Status options. Note: Log into WordPress to follow the steps below. Widgets Shortcodes Localization Permalinks Roles Set Up Taxes System Status Report Web Hooks Widgets Click Appearance, Read More >

How to View WooCommerce Customer Reports

As we continue our series on WooCommerce Reports, we will now show you how to view customer reports. From there you can view a list of all customers and view the ratio of registered customers to guests. This can help you manage customers and gain insight into your target audience. View Customer Reports Log into Read More >