How to Restart Services Using WHM

Looking for a hosting service where all the resources belong only to you? Check out the Dedicated Server solutions from InMotion Hosting. The Web Host Manager (WHM) provides an option that allows you to reset services without having to use Shell access. You can use the graphical interface restart the follow services: DNS Server FTP Read More >

How to Edit the Application List in Softaculous using WHM

If you’re not familiar with it, Softaculous is a utility provided within cPanel that allows your users to install applications onto their account. It’s a great tool since it not only tracks all of the installations and versions, but it also provide installation management for your users. However, what if you want to limit the Read More >

How to Change Your Server’s Hostname Using WHM

A hostname is a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), used to identify your server. By default, your VPS/Dedicated server has a generic hostname assigned to it. For example, or However, you can customize your hostname to improve your ability to send email from your domain/server. In this guide, you can learn how to Read More >

How to change your MX Records using the Web Host Manager (WHM)

These instructions are for VPS and Dedicated server accounts and require that you have root access. Mail Exchanger (MX) records are generally used to determine where your email is being processed. In a typical account, the MX records can be managed in the Zone Editor of the cPanel. However, they can also be managed in Read More >

How to Modify Tweak Settings – Notifications

If you are running a VPS or Dedicated Server with cPanel, you can use the Web Host Manager (WHM) interface to modify the configuration and behaviors of cPanel. The Tweak Settings Notifications tab specifically provides options for cPanel to notify you in regards to events that may occur. For instance, you can enable disk usage Read More >

How to Enable the Disk Usage notifications for your VPS

Your VPS hosting plan provides you several notifications that provide warnings when resources are being exhausted. Three of these notifications are: system disk space usage warning, disk quota usage warning, and out of memory warning. You can easily find these settings in WHM using Tweak Settings. The following tutorial will review how to find these Read More >

How to Setup cpHulk on your VPS

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for the Web Host Manager If you wish to help secure your Web Host Manager login then using two-factor authentication is one of the options that you have. In order to user two-factor authentication for your Web Host Manager (WHM) on your VPS Hosting account, you will need to be Read More >