What if I forgot my DokuWiki username or password?

The DokuWiki administration section is for managing the site settings, users, preferences and more. In the event you lose your username or pasword, you can reset and change passwords, and recover usernames. The purpose of this article is to reset and change passwords, and to recover the username for your DokuWiki site. Note! You should Read More >

How to format content in DokuWiki

Formatting text in DokuWiki will require the wiki code to be used. DokuWiki has a built in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. The following table lists the wiki code options. Once you are familiar with the DokuWiki format options, we will go over how to do basic formats like bold, headline Read More >

Inserting a custom CSS menu in DokuWiki

DokuWiki has preset menu items towards the top right that are very difficult customize. The links are Recent Changes, Media Manager, and Sitemap. These are there by difault and are difficult to change. You can use a custom made css menu that can be inserted into the wiki header code. This will allow you to Read More >

Uploading and Hotlinking images in TikiWiki

There are 2 types of images that can be inserted into a TikiWiki page: The Uploaded image and the Hotlinked image. The uploaded image is an image you add to the server and insert into your page. These images are stored on your server where your TikiWiki is located. The “Hotlinked image” or “Linked” is Read More >

How to format TikiWiki page content

Like other wiki software, TikiWiki has its own built in code for formatting the content of the pages. In order to format the content of the Wiki, it is recommended that you familiarize your self with the code options that are available. This article will explain the options available to use in the TikiWiki WYSIWYG Read More >

How to insert images into a DokuWIki page

After learning about how to create and edit pages in DokuWiki, it is common to want to add images to the site content. The following steps will explain how to insert an image into a DokuWiki page. Inserting an image in DokuWiki Log into DokuWiki. Navigate to the page you want to insert an image Read More >

Inserting internal and external links in DokuWiki

Due to the nature of DokuWiki code, inserting a link that navigates internally and externally is done differently than other programs. Where most sites allow standard HTML code to be inserted, DokuWiki has its special code to create navigation. There are 2 types of links, internal and external links. Internal links link to a page Read More >

How to use the menu plugin in DokuWiki

DokuWiki has a plugin called the “menu” plugin that will allow you to place a custom navigation menu in your pages. This menu has nice icons separated out to each menu link catagory. The “menu” plugin that primarily works in the Wiki page code.  The following article will explain how to use the “menu” plugin. Read More >

Removing the DokuWiki footer buttons and text

DokuWiki by default will have buttons and the License text at the bottom of each page. In Most cases, the buttons are not desired on the site. You also, may not want the license text there as well, depending on the type of wiki you are building. This article will explain how to remove the Read More >

DokuWiki Basic Settings: Site title, Site URL, and License

The DokuWiki Basic Settings are for setting up the base configuration for your DokuWiki site. Common settings administrators may want to change are the Site title, Site URL, and the License type for the use of the content. The Site URL is a nice way to set the site to work on the temporary url, Read More >