What is DokuWiki?

What is DokuWiki? DokuWiki is a Free Open Source wiki software designed by Andreas Gohr in 2004. If you are familar with Wikipedia, then you will unerstand what DokuWIki is designed for. Wiki software is designed primarily to store information and manage it with contributors to the site. In other words, wiki’s are an open Read More >

Controlling user access for edit pages in DokuWiki

DokuWiki by default allows all visitors of the site to edit your wiki pages. In some cases, random users can deface your wiki site and delete your pages. The image to the right will show the edit options available for any visitor on the site. To prevent only certain users for editing the site, you Read More >

What if I forgot my DokuWiki username or password?

The DokuWiki administration section is for managing the site settings, users, preferences and more. In the event you lose your username or pasword, you can reset and change passwords, and recover usernames. The purpose of this article is to reset and change passwords, and to recover the username for your DokuWiki site. Note! You should Read More >

How to manage users in DokuWiki

DokuWiki has a simple “User Management” section where the administrator can edit, add, delete, and manage users on the site. When creating a DokuWiki site, it is important that you have the users set to the specifications of your site. Wiki sites are created for the purpose of having contributers add and edit the content Read More >

Installing DokuWiki Manually

DokuWiki is an open source software designed to bring wiki based software with less server tasking capabilities. What this means is, DokuWiki has less processes required to run the software that allow the server to run faster and more efficient. The major benefit to DokuWiki is the fact that all the files that run DokuWiki Read More >

Installing DokuWiki with Softaculous

When installing DokuWiki manually, it can be time consuming and frustrating when complications arise. Softaculous is a program that allows the webmaster to install software easily. DokuWiki is a program that is available in Softaculous for install. This article will explain how to install DokuWiki using Softaculous. Installing DokuWiki with Softaculous Log into cPanel Click Read More >