How to enable and insert an iframe in TikiWiki

When setting up TikiWiki pages, there may be an occasion when you need to add an iframe to a page. TikiWiki has a built in capability to use iframes in pages. The following steps will explain how to enable and insert an iframe in TikiWiki. Steps to add an iFrame in TikiWiki Log into TikiWiki. Read More >

How do I insert a Youtube video in TikiWiki

TikiWiki by default does not have any way of inserting a YouTube video through the WYSIWYG editor. To have YouTube videos displayed on your TikiWIki site, you can use the following code in your page. {YOUTUBE(movie=VIDEO_NUMBER,width=>425,height=>350,quality=>high, allowFullScreen=y)}{YOUTUBE} A typical YouTube video link for sharing YouTube videos looks like the following: The code that identify’s Read More >

Redirecting pages in TikiWiki

When pages are deleted or renamed, there is a chance that Google may have cached the page in their web crawler. Also, someone could have book marked the page. To Keep these deleted and renamed pages from getting a “404 not found error“, you can set up redirects in your Tiki pages to redirect the Read More >

Renaming pages and Structures in TikiWiki

As time goes on with your TikiWiki site, some pages may need to be renamed to better represent your wiki information. “Pages” and “Structures” are the basis of your TikiWiki site structure. The following sections will explain how to rename the pages and structures in TikiWiki. Note! The page name is a part of the Read More >

How to delete and restore pages in TikiWIki

Once pages are created in TikiWiki, you can begin to edit them. Because the TikiWIki site is accessible for anyone to edit, occasionally you may have a person deface a page.  This article will explain how to edit, delete, and restore pages in TikiWIki. Deleting and Restoring pages The nice thing about TikiWiki is that Read More >

Creating structures or table of contents in TikiWiki

The previous tutorial explained how to create pages in TikiWiki. In TikiWiki, pages can be organized into categories that make the subject easier to navigate. These categories in TikiWiki are called Structures. This allows the writer of the page to create multiple pages related to one subject. This is a fast and user friendly way Read More >

Uploading and Hotlinking images in TikiWiki

There are 2 types of images that can be inserted into a TikiWiki page: The Uploaded image and the Hotlinked image. The uploaded image is an image you add to the server and insert into your page. These images are stored on your server where your TikiWiki is located. The “Hotlinked image” or “Linked” is Read More >

How to format TikiWiki page content

Like other wiki software, TikiWiki has its own built in code for formatting the content of the pages. In order to format the content of the Wiki, it is recommended that you familiarize your self with the code options that are available. This article will explain the options available to use in the TikiWiki WYSIWYG Read More >

Creating and editing pages in TikiWiki

Once you have finished installing and logging into TikiWiki, the next step in building your TikiWiki site is learning how to create and pages. This article will explain how to edit and create pages in TikiWiki. Creating and Editing pages Creating and Editing pages is very simply in TikiWiki. This section will explain how to Read More >