How to set my default phpBB user group

As a phpBB admin, you have the ability to change which group in a user’s group list will be their default. The default group dictates how the user will display when logged into the site. For instance, a user is in both Registered Users and Moderators groups. Their default group is the Registered User group, Read More >

Pruning users in phpBB 3.0

Part of the administration duties on your forums is to regularly get rid of inactive members. This process is known as pruning. Pruning your members is done via the Administrative Control Panel (ACP). You can prune your memberbase based on a few different variables such as their last activity date, post count, etc. The instructione Read More >

How to discipline users in phpBB 3.0

Punitive actions on members As your member base grows, you will have all sorts of visitors. Most will be well mannered and follow the rules, while others will be spammers or make trouble in the forums by not following your guidelines. You have a couple of different options for penalizing your site members. You can Read More >

How to create a user group in phpBB 3.0

When working with users in your phpBB board site, you may wish to segregate users into different groups. Default groups such as Moderators, Admin, Users, Guest, etc. already exist. However, you may want to create your own groups, possibly so that they can have access to specific areas or have special permissions on certain forums. Read More >

How to change a user’s password in phpBB

When administering your forum members you will perform many actions from time. One of the most common tasks is changing the user password. Perhaps they forget or you need to do so for security reasons. Follow the steps below to learn how to reset a member’s password in phpBB 3.0 Changing a user’s password in Read More >

How to create a user in phpBB 3.0

Users are the members of your site that will help you build your community by creating and responding to conversations within your community. By default, there is not a way to add a user in the admin dashboard of phpBB 3.0, so the purpose of this tutorial is to show you from a user’s perspective Read More >