How to edit a template footer in phpBB 3.0

PhpBB allows you to select from different templates to customize the look and feel of your site. Regardless of the template you select to use, there may be times when you want to add something to your site that is not in the templatge by default. Most often, the header and footer are the areas Read More >

Editing a post as a moderator in phpBB 3.0

While administering your site, you and your moderators may have to make textual changes in topics and replies. Administrator and moderator roles have the ability to edit the content of a post directly. For example, a user may have posted personal information and you want to remove it to protect the user from any malicious Read More >

Approving a post in phpBB 3.0

By default, new users in phpBB 3.0 must have their topics and replies approved until they reach five posts. As an administrator, you can certainly set that to be a longer, or shorter period of time. You may also have a specific group that needs to have its posts approved or even decide that you Read More >

Moderating reported posts in phpBB 3.0

Your members have the ability to report inappropriate posts when they come across them on your site. Moderating these reported posts in phpBB is a common task for admins and moderators. Posts can be reported for a number of things but the most common are off-topic or offensive postings. Below you will find instructions on Read More >

How to move a reply to another topic in phpBB.

Even though you may set site rules for your forums specifying the rules of conduct about posting, there will always be instances where you will need to move posts. It may be that someone replied to the wrong topic, or their reply may simply fit another topic better than the one it currently in. As Read More >

How to delete a topic or reply in phpBB.

As your community begins to form, visitors will sign up and begin to create topics and replies. You or your moderators will now spend time going through the forums and keeping things in order. There will be times when you run across a post or topic that you want to remove from your site. Below Read More >

How to create a new forum topic in phpBB 3.0

After members create an account (we will cover this soon), they will want to jump right in and start contributing to the site. As an administrator, you will need to know how to create topics and replies so you can help create the foundation of your community. Topics are the individual conversations, or threads, that Read More >

How phpBB community software works

phpBB is a very popular online bulletin board. Before you install phpBB and jump into it, you may want to first go over how forum software works. Forum software is designed to help you build an interactive community with users, or members. Visitors will come and sign up so they can participate in discussions with Read More >

Editing permission roles in phpBB 3.0

When dealing with administrators, moderator, and users, you notice there are many levels of each. Editing the permission roles in phpBB allows you to customize the default roles provided or even create new roles within the existing categories. This way you can further customize the behavior of different users within your community. How to edit Read More >