Adding permissions to your specific phpBB group

After creating your new user group, you will want to assign permissions for the members of that group. The permissions come in three categories, user, global moderator, and administrative. Follow the guide below as we show you how to add permissions to your new usergroup. How to add permissions to usergroups in phpBB First, log Read More >

Editing permission roles in phpBB 3.0

When dealing with administrators, moderator, and users, you notice there are many levels of each. Editing the permission roles in phpBB allows you to customize the default roles provided or even create new roles within the existing categories. This way you can further customize the behavior of different users within your community. How to edit Read More >

How to assign moderators to forums in phpBB 3.0

In the beginning, you may be able to administer your forums by yourself. As your community grows, however, you may want to begin assigning individual moderators or moderation groups to your forums.  You can assign moderator privilges to either indivirual users or groups, and you can assign moderators either globally, or to individual forums. Below Read More >

Copying forum permissions in phpBB 3.0

As you manage your community and help it grow, you will likely add forums and categories to your site. You may want to use the same permission setup on a new forum that you already have on an existing one. PhpBB allows you the ability to copy forum permissions from one forum to another to Read More >

How to change forum level permissions in phpBB 3.0

When creating your community you may end up working with many forums and categories. You may want to change permissions on the forum level to allow specific users and groups to have certain abilities and access. Below we describe how to change your phpBB forum permissions for your chosen forums in your community website. Editing Read More >