How to replace the default logo in phpBB 3.0

When creating your forum community creating a certain look and feel requires customizing various settings. One of the more common features to change is the site logo. You may want to remove the default phpBB logo and replace it with your own custom logo. PhpBB 3.0 includes an editor that allows you to change the Read More >

Managing the general tasks phpbb 3.0

As an administrator, you have access to several tasks for the board that you will manage from the System tab. These are general tasks and include things from emailing all board members to bot management and post disapproval message modification. Follow along below as we cover these tasks and what they do for you in Read More >

How to enable and disable access tabs in your ACP for phpBB 3.0

As an administrator you will have control over what features the moderators, users, and administrators have access to. You can enable or disable the different tabs for each of these groups via the Administrator Control Panel (ACP). Users of each group will then only have access to each tab tab is enabled for their aprticular Read More >