How phpBB community software works

phpBB is a very popular online bulletin board. Before you install phpBB and jump into it, you may want to first go over how forum software works. Forum software is designed to help you build an interactive community with users, or members. Visitors will come and sign up so they can participate in discussions with Read More >

How to install phpBB with Softaculous

Welcome to our phpBB introductory installation tutorial. In this article we will show you how to install phpBB 3.0 using the Softaculous software installer tool. This is found in all shared accounts inside the cPanel. Follow the steps below to use Softaculous to install your phpBB 3.0. If you are not hosting with InMotion Hosting, Read More >

How to manually install phpBB

In this PhpBB installation tutorial, we will demonstrate how to manually install phpBB. This means it will be done without the help of any third party installation tools such as Fantastico or Softaculous. There are more steps involved than when using a third party tool as you will need to do steps that are usually Read More >