How to Setup SMTP Settings in phpBB

Your phpBB website has the ability to send email notifications, using your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings. In this guide we will show you how to setup your SMTP settings in phpBB. You will then be able to send email notifications from your phpBB website. Setting up SMTP in phpBB Login to your phpBB Read More >

Adding permissions to your specific phpBB group

After creating your new user group, you will want to assign permissions for the members of that group. The permissions come in three categories, user, global moderator, and administrative. Follow the guide below as we show you how to add permissions to your new usergroup. How to add permissions to usergroups in phpBB First, log Read More >

How to set my default phpBB user group

As a phpBB admin, you have the ability to change which group in a user’s group list will be their default. The default group dictates how the user will display when logged into the site. For instance, a user is in both Registered Users and Moderators groups. Their default group is the Registered User group, Read More >

301: How to locate your SMF 2.0 installation’s database name

Your SMF database name was originally created during the programs installation. This information is usually not needed during routine work as the vast majority of settings and features can be handled within the SMF administation section. However, if you ever need to work directly with the database, particularly when troubleshooting, you will need to know Read More >

How to activate a new language in phpBB 3.0

By default, phpBB 3.0 is set to use British English. You may upload different language packs and set the default language from within your Admin Control Panel. This will help you if your site is specific to people who speak a language other than English. Below is a tutorial in getting a nalguage pack, installing Read More >

Inserting Google analytics code into phpBB 3.0

Once your site is installed and running, you may want to keep track of various statistics on your site. One of the most common stats programs used to day is Google Analytics. This can be easily inserted into your phpBB site allowing you to keep tabs on many different stats that you can tweak to Read More >

How to Remove Powered by phpBB in phpBB 3.R

The beauty of phpBB 3.0 is that it is a free open-source software program. To help increase its brand awareness, phpBB tags its software with a line of copyright text at the bottom of the page reading ‘Powered by phpBB‘ that also includes a link back to their main site. While it is not recommended, Read More >

Installing a new template in phpBB 3.0

A new template, or theme, can give your website a completely new look. Templates help to individualize a site with colors, images, and icons that are different from the defaults. The following tutorial will guide you on how to install a new them for your phpbb 3.0 website. How to Install a new template in Read More >

Modifying your header title in phpBB 3.0

Once you get your phpBB 3.0 site installed and online, you may want to begin to customize it to set it apart from all other websites. Changing the name of your board, located in the header of the site, is one of the first changes people usually make. A relevant title will give your site Read More >

How to replace the default logo in phpBB 3.0

When creating your forum community creating a certain look and feel requires customizing various settings. One of the more common features to change is the site logo. You may want to remove the default phpBB logo and replace it with your own custom logo. PhpBB 3.0 includes an editor that allows you to change the Read More >