How to get the WYSIWYG editor to work in Drupal 7

The WYSIWYG module is one of the Drupal 7 modules that allows you to edit and create content with easy to use formatting. Instead of coding rich text formats such as bold or italics, you can use them at the click of a button. There are times, however, after adding and configuring these module types Read More >

How to add a text file for visitor download in Drupal 7

There will be times when you want to offer your visitors a file for download. After adding the file field to your chosen content type, you may wonder how to place the file for upload onto your content page. This is done via the content editor within the Drupal 7 dashboard. You can follow along Read More >

How to add a download field in Drupal 7

When working with your content pages, there may come a time when you want to allow your visitors to download a text file. The ability to add the file for download is not standard for either the Article or Basic Pages content type. This article will walk you thorugh adding that field option to your Read More >

Creating a basic page in Drupal 7

In our last article we talk about the differences between Articles and Basic Pages in Drupal 7. Now that we understand those fundamental ideas, we will begin first by creating a Basic Page in our Drupal 7 test site. To create a basic page to Drupal 7: Log into your Drupal 7 Dashboard In the Read More >