Introduction to Users in Drupal 7

What is a user role? There are three kinds of default user roles in Drupal 7. These are the Admin, or Super User, the authenticated user, and the anonymous, or unauthenticated, user. Each of these roles have very different privileges within a Drupal 7 website. Role Description Admin This is the most powerful of the Read More >

How to modify the Password Recovery email text in Drupal 7

Users will sometimes forget their passwords. In this case, the Drupal 7 program has a password recovery email to help the user get it back. This email sends them a one time login so they can reset their password. You can customize the body text by using the steps below. Editing the Password Recovery email Read More >

How to change Welcome Mail text in Drupal 7

There are several canned emails you can set in your Drupal 7. These are for various instances. The Welcome Mail is the email the user will get upon registration. There are three separate ones, depending on how you have your registration settings set. They are listed below. Welcome (new user created by administrator) Welcome (awaiting Read More >

How to set the max user image dimensions in Drupal 7

While allowing the users to use their own custom images, you may want to control the maximum dimensions. This helps maintain a consistency in display for the site as well as limiting the file size to a point (which can also be done separately.) Editing the max user image dimensions in Drupal 7 is simple Read More >

How to modify the max picture upload file size in Drupal 7

In addition to setting the maximum dimensions for user images, you can also set a maximum file size. This is good for bandwidth management on your account and helps with page load times. To set the max user image upload file size in Drupal 7, just perform the following steps. Setting the max picture upload Read More >