356: Editing the Customer Reassurance information in Prestashop 1.5

When you first install PrestaShop you will see there is a lot of default information on your site that is common to a large portion of online businesses. Specifically there is a section at the top of the footer area that displays icons relating to Money Back Guarantee, In-Store Exchange, Payment Upon Shipment, Free Shipping Read More >

355: How to Reset the PrestaShop Administrator Password

In this tutorial: Reset from Dashboard Reset from DataBase The following article tells you how to recover or reset a missing administrator password for the PrestaShop Administrator Dashboard in two ways. It is assumed that you have access to the cPanel and will be using the cPanel File editor to obtain necessary information. We will Read More >

354: Removing the default handling charge in PrestaShop 1.5

There are many places within PrestaShop that can affect the shipping and handling costs. Some are within the Shipping and Carrier sections, and others are within the Product information. If you test a brand new product within your PrestaShop store, you will see a $2 fee included by default. This article explains how to remove Read More >

353: Editing the slideshow on the main page in PrestaShop 1.5

When working with your PrestaShop store, you may want to edit or add to the images that appear on the slideshow on the main page. This article will guide you on how to alter the slideshow on your main page in PrestShop. Editing the image slideshow on your main page Log into your PrestaShop admin Read More >

352: Adding payment modules to PrestaShop 1.5

Adding different payment options for your customers can increase your sales and give a better user experience. Follow along below as we guide you on adding different payment processor modules via the administrator interface. How to install payment processor modules in PrestaShop 1.5 Log into your PrestaShop admin interface. Hover over the Modules tab in Read More >

351: How to change your site URL in the database of PrestaShop 1.5

If your domain name changes for whatever reason, you will need to make this change in the PrestaShop backoffice (337: How to change your shop URL in PrestaShop 1.5). However, access to change the URL may not always be available through the dashboard. To accommodate this possibility, you can make the change directly in the Read More >

351: 404 Error occurs in PrestaShop 1.5 login

The MOD REWRITE (URL rewriting) is active by default on all InMotion Hosting servers. However, this setting can be manipulated in the .htaccess file. Prestashop requires that URL rewriting be active when Friendly URLs are enabled as an option. If the URL rewriting is disabled, then a 404 error will appear when attempting to use Read More >

350: How to fix the fopen and magicquotes error in Prestashop

When configuring your Prestashop ecommerce site you may run into a problem in the configuration that gives an error for magicquotes or fopen. (See snapshot to the right) This is caused by a configuration setting in your php.ini that needs to be changed. Check your configuration Required parameters: OK Optional parameters: Please fix the following Read More >

349: Unable to use php mail function in PrestaShop 1.5

In the PrestaShop 1.5 back office, you have the ability to send email via either the php mail() function or SMTP. It is the most common to use the php mail() function. When using this setting, you may receive an error like the one below: Sending failed using mail() as PHP’s default mail() function returned Read More >

348: Enabling the Debug Profiler in PrestaShop 1.5

PrestaShop includes several debugging options including one called Debug Profiler.  This allows you to see everything that is running on the page and will also give performance data such as the time it take for data to load.  The following article shows you how to enable the Debug Profiler within PrestaShop 1.5.   Please make Read More >