Allow editing for the TikiWiki anonymous user

  This snapshot shows the edit feature missing from the default TikiWiki installation. Registered users can only edit TikiWiki sites by default. Some wiki software makes it default for “non registered“ or “Anonymous“ users to edit the site. TikiWiki is not set up this way. To allow Anonymous users access to edit your TikiWiki site Read More >

TikiWiki overview

Before we get started with TikiWiki, its a good idea to have a clear view of what it takes to make a basic TikiWiki site. A typical wiki site is like Wikipedia. Many different people contribute to the Wikipedia websites content. TikiWiki has the same functionality. These courses are designed to walk you through the Read More >

How to delete and restore pages in TikiWIki

Once pages are created in TikiWiki, you can begin to edit them. Because the TikiWIki site is accessible for anyone to edit, occasionally you may have a person deface a page.  This article will explain how to edit, delete, and restore pages in TikiWIki. Deleting and Restoring pages The nice thing about TikiWiki is that Read More >

Creating structures or table of contents in TikiWiki

The previous tutorial explained how to create pages in TikiWiki. In TikiWiki, pages can be organized into categories that make the subject easier to navigate. These categories in TikiWiki are called Structures. This allows the writer of the page to create multiple pages related to one subject. This is a fast and user friendly way Read More >

My TikiWIki login is not working

In the previous article on logging into TikiWiki, we learned how to log in. When administrating a TikiWIki site, you may want to rotate your passwords for security reasons this article will explain how chage your TikiWiki password. If for whatever reason your TikiWiki username or password does not work, you can reset the password Read More >

Uploading and Hotlinking images in TikiWiki

There are 2 types of images that can be inserted into a TikiWiki page: The Uploaded image and the Hotlinked image. The uploaded image is an image you add to the server and insert into your page. These images are stored on your server where your TikiWiki is located. The “Hotlinked image” or “Linked” is Read More >

How to format TikiWiki page content

Like other wiki software, TikiWiki has its own built in code for formatting the content of the pages. In order to format the content of the Wiki, it is recommended that you familiarize your self with the code options that are available. This article will explain the options available to use in the TikiWiki WYSIWYG Read More >

How to add the Featured Links menu in the TikiWiki

TikiWiki has the featured links module that is pre set to display links in a menu on your site. This menu can be added anywhere to your site. In this article, we will add the featured links menu module to the footer of your TikiWIki site. Steps to add the Featured Links menu to the Read More >

Editing the TopBar, SideBar, and Footer with TikiWIki Modules

When setting up the Sidebar, TopBar, and Bottom footer sections in your TikiWiki site, you will need to add and remove modules from the site. The Sidebar, TopBar, and Footer sections store their functions in the modules. The modules can be customized and place in particular locations on the site. The following tutorial will explain Read More >

Changing theme preferences in TikiWIki

TikiWiki by default has the theme options set to the Tiki developers preference. This article will explain how to change the default theme options such as the Fixed layout, Title and subtitle, shadowing, navigation, effects, and font type. Important! When making theme changes, you may need to Clear your browser cache to see the changes Read More >