Allow editing for the TikiWiki anonymous user

  This snapshot shows the edit feature missing from the default TikiWiki installation. Registered users can only edit TikiWiki sites by default. Some wiki software makes it default for “non registered“ or “Anonymous“ users to edit the site. TikiWiki is not set up this way. To allow Anonymous users access to edit your TikiWiki site Read More >

TikiWiki overview

Before we get started with TikiWiki, its a good idea to have a clear view of what it takes to make a basic TikiWiki site. A typical wiki site is like Wikipedia. Many different people contribute to the Wikipedia websites content. TikiWiki has the same functionality. These courses are designed to walk you through the Read More >

My TikiWIki login is not working

In the previous article on logging into TikiWiki, we learned how to log in. When administrating a TikiWIki site, you may want to rotate your passwords for security reasons this article will explain how chage your TikiWiki password. If for whatever reason your TikiWiki username or password does not work, you can reset the password Read More >

How to upgrade TikiWiki from 9.2 to 9.3

New versions of TikiWiki are being released frequently. In the event you find your Tiki web site out of date, you can always download the latest version and upgrade the installation. When upgrading TikiWiki, you will need to backup your database and files. This will prevent any loss of data during the upgrade process. The Read More >

User Administration in TikiWiki

One of the nice features of TikiWiki is the user friendliness in managing users for the site. Users can be Added, Edited, Deleted and removed in bulk from the system. This article will explain how to manage your TikiWiki users. How to Manage TikiWiki users TikiWiki has a simple way of managing users within the Read More >

Installing TikiWiki through Softaculous

On our shared hosting accounts, Softaculous is available for installing scripts and programs for free. TikiWiki is available in Softaculous for free. The program is located in the Portals/CMS section of Softaculous. This article will explain how to install TikiWiki using Softaculous. Installing TikiWiki with Softaculous Log into cPanel If you are not installing TikiWiki Read More >

Installing TikiWiki manually

TikiWiki is a free open source program designed to make a Wiki site on your server. If for whatever reason, TikiWiki cannot be installed through Softaculous, TikiWiki can be uploaded manually and installed on your server. This article will walk through the steps in setting up TikiWiki on your server. The version we will be Read More >