Editing the TopBar, SideBar, and Footer with TikiWIki Modules

When setting up the Sidebar, TopBar, and Bottom footer sections in your TikiWiki site, you will need to add and remove modules from the site. The Sidebar, TopBar, and Footer sections store their functions in the modules. The modules can be customized and place in particular locations on the site. The following tutorial will explain Read More >

Changing theme preferences in TikiWIki

TikiWiki by default has the theme options set to the Tiki developers preference. This article will explain how to change the default theme options such as the Fixed layout, Title and subtitle, shadowing, navigation, effects, and font type. Important! When making theme changes, you may need to Clear your browser cache to see the changes Read More >

How to change the TikiWiIki logo

New TikiWiki web sites will have the default Tiki image for the logo. This can be changed by uploading your own custom logo to the server. In order to know where to upload the logo, the path to the file location will need to be discovered. Also, to retain the correct image dimensions and type, Read More >

How to change and upload a theme for TikiWiki

TikiWiki is an Open Source Software that has many free themes available to “skin” your TikiWIki to the style you like. In this article, we will learn how to upload a new TikiWiki theme to your server and how to switch the theme in the TikiWIki administrator section. How to Change the theme The theme Read More >