Forums in PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke includes forums as part of its functionality, but it actually uses a separate forum program to provide this feature.  The forum application is called PHPBB.  The following article simply shows what you will see when you go to the forums section.  A link will be provided showing how to find the tutorial series from Read More >

Creating a newsletter in PHP-Nuke

When managing a site that has a number of users, it can be beneficial to send them a newsletter. This can be for new information, site updates, or whatever you desire. In PHP-Nuke, the user registration section has an setting where the member can opt-in to your newsletter. Below is a set of instructions on Read More >

How to create an external link in PHP-Nuke

You can create links to external sites through the PHP-Nuke WYSIWYG editor in the admin dashboard. In the tutorials below, we are going to make a link that takes you to when clicked. Creating an external link Log into your PHP-Nuke Dashboard. Edit the page you want to insert a link into. Highlight the Read More >

Working With the Feedback Page in PHP-Nuke

After doing a lot of research, we found the built in feedback form for PHP-Nuke to be very limited and simple. When we looked for an Add-On module for a customizable contact form, or formmail we found many dead links.   In this tutorial we will show you how to work with the feedback module Read More >

Creating a Content page in PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke has several types of pages you can make within the Dashboard. You can make News, Messages, and Content pages. This article will explain how to make a Content page within PHP-Nuke. Steps to add a content page Log into your PHP-Nuke Dashboard. Click on the Content icon in the Modules Administration. In the Content Read More >

How do I edit the Home page in PHP-Nuke?

This first step in editing your PHP-Nuke site is to remove the default text from the Home page. The Home page is actually a part of the Messages in PHP-Nuke. The following article will explain the steps to edit the Home page in PHP-Nuke. Steps to edit the home page Log into your PHP-Nuke Dashboard. Read More >