Managing Customer Information in osCommerce

Customers that register into the osCommerce system may sometimes need to have their data modified by an admin in the osCommerce dashboard. This feature of osCommerce is different from managing Customer Details in that you are modifying the actual customer information as opposed to the form fields. The following article explains how to find and Read More >

Managing Customer Details in Oscommerce

Adding new customers in osCommerce is typically done through the new customer registration interface that the customer can see when viewing your osComemrce storefront. Some of these details can be controlled and edited within the osCommerce administrator. The following tutorial explains how to make changes to the Customer Details in the osCommerce administrator dashboard. Modifying Read More >

Understanding Customer Registration in osCommerce

When customers arrive at your osCommerce site, they may often have a question about your registration process. To become familiar with the perspective of a potential new customer, you should know the process they follow to login. The following article explains how new users register into the osCommerce site. How New Customers Register in osCommerce Read More >

Adding and Removing Administrators in osCommerce

Not all e-commerce shops have only one manager, so it is sometimes necessary to have multiple logins. Fortunately, osCommerce does provide this option. This article will explain how to add or delete Administrators in osCommerce. Creating or Deleting Administrators in osCommerce Creating an Administrator NOTE! On your first login to the Administrator section you will Read More >