Removing the branding from the osCommerce footer

After you get the background styles and the #bodyWrapper styles setup the way you need it. you can set up your Footer styles to match them. The image to the right shows what the osCommerce site looks like with the background and #bodyWrapper styled for the “Sunny” osCommerce theme. The footer by default has the Read More >

Changing the content background style in osCommerce

Once you have changed the background image of your osCommerce site, you will want to customize the body of the webpage. The snapshot to the right shows what the osCommerce site looks like with no background for the content area for the “Sunny” theme. You see the website background through it. To style this we Read More >

Changing the background image in osCommerce

Once you have the theme changed to your satisfaction, you can add a background image, footer image, and more. In this article, we will learn how to change the background in your osCommerce website. Create a background image Take a snapshot of your osCommerce site and open it with a Photo editor. In this tutorial Read More >

Changing the osCommerce logo

When you are setting up your osCommerce appearance, you will want to upload your own logo to your site. This article will explain how to upload a custom logo to your osCommerce site. Below is the default logo for osCommerce. To upload a logo that will fit correctly, the store logo must be in PNG Read More >

Changing the theme in osCommerce

Once you have the osCommerce Theme Switcher configured and you have the jQuery version updated, you can proceed with installing themes to your osCommerce site. The default theme is shown in the snapshot to the right. OsCommerce is different from other ecommerce software in that you use the jQuery Theme Roller theme builder from jQuery. Read More >

Managing Banners in osCommerce

Using the Banner Manager within osCommerce allows an administrator to manage existing banners, add new banners or delete unwanted ones. The managing portion of the interface includes being able to view the banners outside of the store interface, view existing banner statistics and edit the details of the saved banner. The following tutorial describes these Read More >

Fixing the jQuery version in osCommerce

When installing the Theme Switcher on your osCommerce site, you will encounter errors regarding the jQuery files not being found. Please see the snapshot to the right. This is because when the osCommerce was released, the version was changed. This article will explain how to update your osCommerce to the newest version of jQuery. The Read More >

Deleting or Disabling a Banner in osCommerce

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a banner that is being displayed within an osCommerce store. This can be done easily using the Banner Manager. Follow the instructions in the following article to learn how to remove any banner setup through the osCommerce Administrator dashboard. Removing a Banner from an osCommerce Store There are two Read More >

Installing the osCommerce Theme Switcher

osCommerce by default only has one theme available. Before you can Change the theme in osCommerce you will need the Theme Switcher module. To switch themes, there is quite a few steps. You will need the Theme Switcher module so the themes can be changed within the osCommerce Administrative Dashboard. First the Theme switcher module Read More >

How to change the banner in osCommerce

Banners are typically used for the purpose of advertising in osCommerce. It is a graphic that can also be used for the purpose of identifying a website’s brand, or to pass on announcement. However you use it, the banner is a useful element that can be controlled from the osCommerce interface. The following article explains Read More >