339: How to reset my OpenCart Admin Password

It can be hard to keep up with all the different passwords for your account. If you’ve forgot your admin password for OpenCart, you can reset the password in the database. You’ll have to use phpMyAdmin in cPanel to change the password to the admin account. Since you’ll be resetting the password to “password” it’s Read More >

338: Creating a Voucher Template in OpenCart

Gift vouchers can be themed in OpenCart and allows you to easily create vouchers for holidays or events. If a visitor to your website purchases a gift voucher for Mother’s Day, you could have a template that themes the email with an image you choose to represent that specific event. Gift voucher templates are created Read More >

336: Adding a New Currency in OpenCart

Since the Internet is global; your customers may want to purchase or see the purchase price of a product in their native currency for the country they live in. You can easily add a new currency to OpenCart through the OpenCart dashboard. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to Localisation >> Currencies Click “Insert” Fill Read More >

335: Adding a custom Stock Status to OpenCart 1.5

OpenCart comes with the ability to set up different stock statuses. Setting the stock status of a product in OpenCart lets your website’s visitors know when to expect a product. By default, some stock statuses are already set up. You can use the statuses that are already defined such as 2-3 days, In Stock, Out Read More >

334: Creating a new Manufacturer in OpenCart 1.5

OpenCart allows you to create “manufacturers” to apply to your products you are selling. Anytime you create a manufacturer in OpenCart, the system allows you to apply products to them. If a customer wants to view all products for a specific manufacturer they can do so. By adding manufacturers to products this can help your Read More >

333: Adding a manufacturer to the banner in OpenCart 1.5

OpenCart comes with a pre-built manufacturers banner that displays your products manufacturers. Since these manufacturers may already have built brand awareness with customers, using there recoginzable logos on your website can help customers decide to purchase products from your website. You will need to find the images you want to use for each manufacturer prior Read More >

332: Installing the “Powered By” vQmod Extension

OpenCart is free and open source and at any time you are able to remove the “powered by OpenCart” if you want. As per the OpenCart website, its generally accepted practice to make a small donation in lieu of removing the backlink. If you want to donate via PayPal to donate@opencart.com We’ve created a simple Read More >

331: Error with vQmod after upgrading to OpenCart 1.5.2

Recently I upgraded our OpenCart testing site to OpenCart version 1.5.2. While the installation process went quite smoothly, I noticed after further investigation, that vQmod seemed to not be working. This was a fairly large problem since we use vQmod to make changes to our shopping cart. If you’re not familiar with vQmod please see Read More >

330: How to ban visitors by IP address in OpenCart 1.5x

At times, you may find it necessary to block or ban specific IP addresses from visiting your store. You may want to block people using an IP address if they have placed a fraudulent order or they may have left abusive or negative comments on your website. OpenCart 1.5.x has the ability to ban IP Read More >

329: Customizing the Footer of OpenCart 1.5 by removing “Powered by”

The powered by OpenCart footer link appears on every page and is an easy way for you to promote and help support OpenCart. Alternatively, this makes it easy for hackers to determine what your shopping cart is built with and target. It’s relatively easy to remove using File Manager in cPanel. Log into cPanel Go Read More >