Installing the Pick Up from Store Shipping Method

If you have a brick and mortar location where customers can pick up merchandise ordered online, this is a great shipping method to enable. This shipping method will allow your customers to pick up the merchandise from the store front so they do not have to pay shipping. This shipping method can be configured for Read More >

Setting up Weight Based Shipping

OpenCart allows you to set up weight based shipping options. Remember, this will only work correctly if you have entered in a product weight. The Product weight can be found by opening the product in the OpenCart Dashboard and going to the “Data” tab. Setting up the weight based shipping method is easily accomplished through Read More >

Enabling a Specific Shipping Method in OpenCart

In a previous tutorial, we discussed the basics behind how shipping works. Now you can activate your shipping methods and configure them so your customers can use it when they make a purchase. How to Enable a Shipping Method Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to Extensions > Shipping Find the shipping method you want Read More >

Introduction to Shipping in OpenCart

OpenCart provides you with many different options when dealing with how to get your products to your customers. You can apply different shipping methods to specific Geo Zones you specify so that shipping method will be available to your customers who live in the Geo Zone. If you have already read through the Introduction to Read More >

Removing a Geo Zone in OpenCart

Previously we covered what Geo Zones are and why they are important to OpenCart. By default, OpenCart has two Geo Zones created. You can remove these through the OpenCart dashboard. How to Remove a Geo Zone Log into your OpenCart Dashboard Go to System > Localisation > Geo Zones Click the check box next to Read More >

Creating a Geo Zone in OpenCart

Previously, we discussed what Geo Zones are and why they are important. You can create new Geo Zones from within the OpenCart Dashboard. The following will explain the steps on setting up a Geo Zone in Open Cart. Steps to create a Geo Zone Log into your OpenCart Dashboard. Go to System > Localisation > Read More >

Removing Existing Tax Rates in OpenCart

OpenCart has default tax rates set up for VAT (value added tax) and an eco tax. If you are not using these, you can remove them to keep your OpenCart free of clutter. Removing the current tax rates are done through the OpenCart Dashboard. How to Remove Existing Tax Rates Log into your OpenCart Dashoard Read More >