Handling bounces with phpList

In this article we’ll discuss how phpList handles bounce backs. A bounce back can happen when one of the users you attempt to send a message to does not receive the message, and it “bounces back” to you with an explanation of why. One of the great things of managing your mailings via phpList is Read More >

Rate limit the sending of messages in phpList

In this article we’ll discuss how you can rate limit how quickly phpList will attempt to send out your messages. This is important because by default phpList will attempt to send mail out as quickly as it can all at once. On our shared servers there is a default outbound mailing limit of 250 messages Read More >

Sending a test message in phpList

In this article we’ll go over how you can send a test message with phpList. This will help ensure that your phpList installation is properly functioning, and show that it’s able to send mail successfully. Before sending a test message to a particular email account, that email account must be first added as a user Read More >

Import users into phpList

In this article we’re going to review how you can import multiple users into phpList to save you time from having to create them one at a time. If you already have a large list of users that you’ve been mailing with another application, you might like to start sending messages to those users from Read More >

Unsubscribe from a list in phpList

In this article we’ll cover how you can unsubscribe a user from a list in phpList, so that they do not receive any further mailings from you. We’ll go over how your users can go ahead and unsubscribe themselves using the default unsubscribe page that should be included as a link in all of your Read More >

Manually add a user to phpList

In this article we’ll discuss manually adding a user into phpList, and subscribing them to a list that you have created. In most cases phpList is used in order to allow users to subscribe themselves to your mailing lists via a subscribe page. However there are also many cases where you might have already been Read More >

Using private lists in phpList

In this article we’ll talk about using private lists in phpList. A private list can be used internally to help funnel or control your users into more specialized lists, and users won’t be able to choose to subscribe to a private list on their own. A public list would be one that you create and Read More >

Manage lists in phpList

In this article we’ll dicuss lists in phpList. Users can subscribe to a particular list you have setup, and then the administrator of that list, can send an email to all users subscribed to the list. In phpList, a list is a one way communication method, meaning that all of the subscribers to a certain Read More >