Changing the default grade letters in Moodle

Previously we learned about changing grades manually in the Moodle grade report. Now we will change the default Grade letters set in Moodle 2.3. Occasionally, there will be a school who uses a different grading systems than another school. The Letters section in the Moodle grade administrator allows the teacher to change these settings. The Read More >

Manually changing a grade in the Moodle Grader report

As students take quizzes in the Moodle courses, occasionally the teacher may need to change a students grade. In some cases, the student may successfully contest an answer to a quiz question. The teacher can subsequently change the grade, as apposed to making the student take the quiz again. The following tutorial will explain how Read More >

Changing the Grader Report / Gradebook preferences in Moodle

In the previous Moodle 2.3 tutorial, we discussed Changing the Course Grade Settings for the User Report in Moodle. Now that the User Report can be edited to display particular settings, the teacher can set the preferences for the Grader Report / Gradebook for the Grade administrator. The teacher can customize the report by adding Read More >

Viewing the User Report in Moodle 2.3

The previous article on Viewing the Moodle Grader report or Gradebook in the Quiz administration was about the Site Administrators view of the Grade report. This article will discuss the User Report the student sees on the users end. Each student has access to their grades through the User Report. This report is an excellent Read More >

Changing the Course Grade Settings for the User Report in Moodle

When students view the User Report in Moodle 2.3, there are default options that are set when displaying the User Report. Moodle has the capability of customizing these options in the Course Grade settings section. An example of this is whether the Grade average should be displayed or if the teacher wants the Letter grade Read More >

Viewing the Moodle Grader report or Gradebook in the Quiz administration

When students take quizzes in Moodle 2.3, the teacher can check the progress of the student activities by checking the Grades in the Course administration. This is necessary for the teacher to monitor and check the status of the student progress. The Grader report or Gradebook in the Grade administration is how the teacher can Read More >

Site Administrator Grades and Report settings Overview

In Moodle 2.3, the Grades and Reports settings can be customized to display uniquely according to the teacher specifications. Grades are the measurement of the students progress in the Course. The Reports are for viewing the student grades for review. For example, how the grades are navigated, positioned, categorized, and so forth. These can be Read More >