Changing the Default My Moodle page

When you set up your Moodle site for your students, you may want to customize the My Moodle Home page to show only what you want there. By Default, The My Moodle Home page is set to show the Course overview. This can be changed in your Site Administration section of your Moodle admin. In Read More >

Adding a logo through the theme code in Moodle

When using a theme that does not have the theme editing options, you can add the code for your logo to the theme files. This article is somewhat advanced, so if you are not comfortable editing code, please contact a web developer to do this. Before you can add the logo to your Moodle site, Read More >

Customizing the Moodle Frontpage Appearance

By default, Moodle 2.3 will show courses and categories on the Front page. This can be removed to display the home page as a website, instead of a list of Courses and Categories. That way, when the website is visited, the Front page will display information about the Moodle site, instead of activities a student Read More >

Clearing or Purging the cache from Moodle 2.3

When working in Moodle 2.3, there comes a time when the cache will need to be cleared from the server. Cache is a static page that was saved by Moodle. This allows the Moodle site to load faster. When switching themes and making other changes within Moodle, the old theme or code may still continue Read More >

Changing the default font in the Moodle Standard theme

I Moodle 2.3, the default font for themes can be changed to a more palatable font type. Occasionally, an administrator may want to change the theme font to accommodate their school, college or other educational facilities font for uniformity. The code on the core.css file can be edited to reflect this font change. The standard Read More >

Removing the branded Moodle image from a theme footer

In most Moodle themes, the Moodle branded logo is shown at the bottom of each page. When making a Moodle site for a college or another professional setting, the logo is typically not wanted at the bottom of the page. The logo can be removed from the theme. Depending on the type of theme, the Read More >

Managing Blocks within Moodle 2.3

When adding blocks throughout a Moodle site, occasionally a block may need to be removed completely throughout the entire site. The Manage blocks section within the Site administration of Moodle 2.3 will allow blocks to be deleted or hidden or shown. In the block manager, the number of instances of a block is also shown, Read More >

Comments block configuration in Moodle

Now that we can Add a Remote RSS Feed block in Moodle, lets try adding a Comments block. The Moodle 2.3 Comments block is a handy way of allowing comments in a course within the sidebar navigation. Both students and the teacher can comment back and forth on course subjects. Roles can be restricted to Read More >

Moodle Blocks Overview

Moodle 2.3 has the option to create different navigation functionality using the Moodle Blocks feature. Blocks can be moved, deleted, and added to the sites navigation sidebars. This allow Logins, News updates, Messages, RSS feeds and many many more options to be shown on the site navigation. An example of a common block would be Read More >

Adding and Deleting blocks from the Moodle sidebar

Moodle 2.3 has the ability to add blocks and remove blocks from the sidebar navigation. This is useful for customizing the appearance of the Moodle site navigation. For example, if the students are required to view their messages frequently, the Messages block can be added to the sidebar for easy access. This tutorial will explain Read More >