How to link to another article in Joomla 3.1

When writing content on the web, it’s natural to link to other content that you’ve written. If you have two similar articles, linking them to each other helps your readers find potentially more content on your site that they would like to read. This article doesn’t need too much of an introduction, it’s a basic Read More >

How to add an iframe in a Joomla 3 Article

In this Joomla 3.0 tutorial, we’ll show you how to add an iframe when writing an article. You can’t simply use the HTML editor and type in your iframe code because Joomla will strip it out for security reasons. Therefore, you need to update your editor’s settings and allow iframes. To use an iframe in Read More >

How to change the URL alias of Joomla 3.1 articles

Thus far in our Joomla 3.0 testing, we have created a new article and published it to the front page. When we visit this new article in our browser, the url becomes: As we set the title of the article to, “This is my first test article“, Joomla used the article’s title as the Read More >

How to feature an article on your Joomla 3.1 homepage

After you have creating your first article, you can set it as a featured article so you can see it on your Joomla 3.0 homepage. The steps below will show you how to set an article as featured after you have already published, but you can just as easily make this change while you are Read More >

How to write a new Article in Joomla 3.1

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps for writing a new article in Joomla 3.0. There are many settings you can configure for your new content, however we’re only going to review the minimum requirements. To create a new article in Joomla 3.0: Log into your Joomla 3.0 dashboard From here, you have Read More >