How to Import & Export Role Definitions in Moodle

In this tutorial: Exporting Role Definitions Importing Role Definitions Beginning with Moodle 2.6 is the ability to Import and Export Role definitions. This allows you to share your role definitions, or use them on other Moodle sites. In this tutorial we will show you how to Import and Export Role Definitions in Moodle. Exporting Role Read More >

Displaying Additional Name Fields in Moodle

Starting with Moodle 2.6, you have the ability to display additional name fields. This is helpful when you have users with foreign characters in their names (such as Japan), and you also want to display a name in Roman Characters, or with phonetic spelling. In this tutorial, I will show you how to display additional Read More >

How to Fix the “uploaded file may exceed the post_max_size directive in php.ini” error in Moodle

If you are working in Moodle you may see the error “The uploaded file may exceed the post_max_size directive in php.ini.” This error is caused by a PHP limitation when trying to post data. The php.ini file controls your local PHP settings, and can be changed at any time. In this tutorial I will show Read More >

Moodle vs Blackboard

In this tutorial: Pricing Server Requirements Feature Comparison Help Options There are many educational software options available, also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS). They can help you keep track of grades, give tests, and administer classes. Moodle, and Blackboard are two of the most popular of the many Learning Management Systems available. In this Read More >

Adding a Remote RSS Feed block in Moodle

The RSS feed capability in Moodle 2.3 is a great addition to the sites navigation. In Moodle 2.3, RSS feeds can be configured in the Remote RSS Feed Block. This is a good way to display feeds from important and relevant sites on the Course pages. In this tutorial, a feed to W3Schools will be Read More >

How to install Moodle 2.3.2 manually

The focus of this article is to outline the steps for installing Moodle 2.3.2. The setup is relatively simple and similar to other Open Source Software program installations. First the server must meet the required system requirements. This tutorial is focused on cPanel hosting servers. Other Non-cPanel hosting companies may have a different way of Read More >

Editing the lib.php file in Moodle

Editing the lib.php file is one possible work around for resolving an issue with a Moodle installation completed through Fantastico in cPanel. Once the installation is complete and an administrator logs into Moodle, a blank white screen appears instead of the expected administration error. This error, caused by a PHP version mismatch can be resolved Read More >

Moodle Requires PHP 5.3.2 – Work Around

Users of Moodle 2.1 and higher versions may experience an issue when attempting to install Moodle (using Fantastico or manually). Users who install Moodle through Fantastico are able to complete the installation but will see a blank white screen when attempting to log in. Users who attempt to install Moodle manually, will receive an error Read More >