How to change ownership of user posts in SMF 2.0

During the maintenance of your site, there may come a time when you want to move posts from a guest user and assign them to another. This may be an account created specifically for this purpose, an admin user, or another regular user. You would do this if you have previously purged a member and Read More >

How to Manage your database in SMF 2.0

Part of your site maintenance should include database backup and optimization.  Backing up your database should be done regularly. This is great insurance against any unforeseen instances that may cause you to lost data. The more recent your backup, the less data will be lost. Below are instructions on how to optimize your tables, backup Read More >

How to manage Categories in SMF 2.0

As your forums grow, you may want to divide them up into different groups, or categories. This helps your users identify what topics will be permitted for each group you design. Below are the steps for manging your categories in your SMF forum website. These include adding new categories and deleting categories you no longer Read More >

How to create a new forum in SMF 2.0

Whether starting off or growing your site, you will need to know how to add new forums to your SMF 2.0 website. Follow along with the instructions below as we walk you through the steps. Creating a new forum in SMF 2.0 Log into your SMF admin dashboard. From the entry page, click Admin from Read More >

Deleting a member’s account in SMF 2.0

When working with your members, you will run across the occasion to delete an account. You may simply want to prune the user list of inactive usernames and banned members. The instructions in this tutorial explain how to remove a user’s profile from your SMF program from within the administration area. How to delete a Read More >

Changing a user’s password in SMF 2.0

As an site administrator/owner it is highly probable you will be doing many functions for your members. Arguably the most common function will be changing passwords. These can be chagned for many reasons, including security or the inability of the user to change it themselves for various reasons. This tutorial will guide you on how Read More >

How to install SMF 2.0 with Softaculous

In this SMF 2.0 tutorial we will guide you on how to install the program using the Softaculous installer tool. Softaculous is a special program that installs other programs. This saves you time in setting up details such as databases and uploading files manually. Installing SMF 2.0 with Softaculous Log into your cpanel From your Read More >

How to manually install SMF

In this SMF introductory installation tutorial, we will demonstrate how to install the Simple Machine Forums (SMF) program manually. A manual installation means installing the program without the help of third party installer programs. This typically takes more steps than using installer programs such as Softaculous. Below are the steps to help you get started. Read More >